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Will the Coronavirus Outbreak Affect My Long-Term Disability Benefits?

During the unprecedented coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak, people with disabilities need help more than ever. The process of obtaining disability benefits is complicated enough without the global pandemic making things more challenging. To find out how the virus might affect your long-term disability benefits, you may need to contact an experienced disability insurance attorney. An attorney can help you protect your rights as a disabled individual during the pandemic and beyond.

Insurance Company Disruptions Due to COVID-19

Insurance companies are businesses. Like other businesses, insurers are not impervious to the effects of the coronavirus on the workplace as a whole. Insurance companies have experienced disruptions in efficiency and productivity due to new remote work environments and sick employees, just like other types of companies. As a result, many policyholders have suffered interruptions in their disability benefits checks, delayed claims processing wrongfully rejected claims, and other issues obtaining long-term disability benefits.

Delays in Long-Term Disability Claims Processing

If you are filing a claim for long-term disability benefits for the first time, you may encounter greater challenges connected to the pandemic than someone who is already receiving automated payments. Many insurance companies have stated that new clients might see a delay in processing times during the outbreak. This is due to understaffing and changes at the company to accommodate the pandemic, such as an increase in remote workers. You may see a longer-than-usual timeline for claims processing and the approval or denial of your claim.

Requests for Extensions

Another issue disabled individuals are encountering with long-term disability benefits is a delay in obtaining the medical documentation necessary to qualify for these benefits. Many doctor’s offices and hospitals around the world are only accepting emergency cases, as they are currently flooded with COVID-19 patients. This can mean a long wait for an appointment to get the documentation and medical records you need to prove your long-term disability. An insurance attorney can help you request the insurance extensions that you need to get a follow-up appointment with your doctor and fill out the medical side of the paperwork. 

Minimal Changes to Automatic Payments

If you are someone who has already qualified for long-term disability benefits, your payments should not be interrupted due to the coronavirus. Most insurance companies use automated systems to deliver benefits to qualified recipients on a schedule. The virus should not impact the system or take away the insurance company’s financial ability to make your payments. Many insurance companies have promised to maintain continuous operations during COVID-19. If you do notice an interruption, contact the insurance company immediately for answers.

Consult With Your Insurance Carrier

If you are concerned about how your long-term disability benefits might be affected by the coronavirus, contact your insurance provider for a consultation. Consulting with your provider can give you answers to your questions during this difficult time, as well as give you greater peace of mind about the state of your financial benefits. You can also check your insurance carrier’s website for more information. Most websites have been updated to reflect the most recent company changes connected to the coronavirus, including any alterations in disability benefits or the claims filing process.

Contact a Disability Insurance Lawyer for Assistance

Whether you are someone who has already been receiving long-term disability benefits or you wish to submit a new application for these insurance benefits during the coronavirus outbreak, contact an insurance lawyer at the Surrano Law Offices for assistance. Our Phoenix area insurance attorneys are keeping up with the latest changes to the insurance industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand how your long-term disability benefits might be affected, as well as how to help you navigate the system to get the coverage that you need as quickly and efficiently as possible. Call (602) 264-1077 today to request a free consultation.