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What Does “Examination Under Oath” Mean?

Does it ever surprise you that false information can provided while a person is being examined under oath? Although some may fail to grasp the importance of an examination under oath (EUO), it can lead to range of long-term consequences, such as the rejection of an insurance claim or an accusation of fraud.

What Is an EUO?

An EUO is a formal interview that an insurance company schedules with one of its clients. A court reporter and an insurance representative attend the session, where the insured party provides information about the claim while he or she is under oath. This is often simply to clarify information, and it usually benefits both parties; if the damage for which your claim was filed was well documented and clearly fell within the parameters of your contract, it should be an inconsequential process.

Though this may be stressful, it doesn’t mean the insurance company won’t honor your claim. If you’re facing an EUO, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Be honest. You may not understand why an EUO has been called, and as far you know, your claim is 100% legitimate and you’re desperately waiting for a settlement. It’s important to stay calm and collected. You should have documented the claim with photographs and a written account by this point, so be prepared to recall or reference that information during the interview.
  • You must cooperate. Again, most insurance companies reserve the right to issue an EUO. You may be curious about what’s going on or wonder if it’s a sign of bad faith; it could turn out that way, but you must comply with the request.
  • Know when something is brewing. When is an insurer just being thorough? And when is it planning to reject your claim or purposely taking its time? Customers rightly have high expectations from their insurers, but the details aren’t always straightforward on the company’s end.

For example, if an insurer hasn’t responded in weeks, you may wonder about bad faith. But it may just be getting information together for an EUO, especially if your claim is complex. Even when you’re waiting for cash to cover extensive damage, the company is entitled to a comprehensive investigation. You may also receive a request to speak with the insurer’s attorney. This is a good indication that an EUO is in your future.

  • Review the process beforehand. An EUO can take hours. You’ll be sworn in, which can be intimidating. The questions will be related to your claim (though you may think otherwise); expect a staunchly thorough interview.
  • Speak with an insurance specialist. This should be an attorney or another professional who is qualified to give you advice regarding insurance claims in Phoenix. Though nothing may be wrong, the expert you work with is a priceless resource during this time. One of the worst things that can happen is to be caught off guard with a surprise question during this interview or to answer in a way that could be deemed suspicious. A little preparation backed by a professional consultation will help you settle your nerves and proceed confidently.

The EUO process is important and giving inconsistent or inaccurate answers could completely nullify your claim. This is why you should meet with a team licensed to provide insurance information and recommendations in Phoenix. If an insurance company has contacted you to set up an EUO, don’t worry. Contact the team at the Surrano Law Offices, and we’ll thoroughly prepare you. We can also help keep the insurance company accountable for the full amount to which you are owed.