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Should I Handle My Own Property Insurance Claim?

If your home or business suffered damage from a covered event, you should be able to rely on your insurance coverage and file a property insurance claim. While it may seem straightforward at first, many claimants quickly learn that seeking an insurance claim is an extraordinarily complicated process; even small mistakes can lead to diminished claim value or other financial setbacks. While some property owners may successfully handle their own property insurance claims, it may be a job best left to professionals.

Organizing Your Documentation

Depending on the severity of your property insurance claim, the amount of documentation you will need to prove the legitimacy of your claim can be overwhelming. It’s essential to file your claim in a timely manner, and the process of gathering all the necessary documentation is very time-consuming. You may discover that you overlooked valuable elements of your claim after filing or you find paperwork you previously thought you lost.

Failing to collect all the documentation you need for your property insurance claim could lead to undervaluing or denying your claim. Most business owners keep a careful inventory record, so it can be easier to prove the extent of losses in a property damage claim, but if you do not have such an inventory, a public adjuster may be able to help you value your damaged and destroyed possessions.

Budgeting Time and Resources for Resolving Your Claim

Business owners need to keep serving customers even after damaging events. Homeowners still have work, kids, and myriad other things to do daily. Filing a property insurance claim is a very complicated process that requires careful attention to detail and lots of time spent researching and gathering necessary documentation. Many claimants find that they cannot focus on daily tasks while handling these claims. For homeowners, this can cause stress at work or among the family members. For business owners, this can mean lost resources that could have gone toward furthering the business.

Having a public adjuster or attorney handle your property insurance claim means the issue is in experienced hands. You can go about your daily business while your representative handles the insurance concerns. Additionally, the person you hire to manage your property insurance claim likely has the necessary skills and experience.

Maximizing Your Claim Value

The average person typically doesn’t have the time, resources, or experience with insurance companies required to successfully navigate a property insurance claim. Many claimants discover that their claims lost value or met with denials due to improper claim preparation, insufficient documentation, or missing filing deadlines. Others may attempt to handle their own property insurance claims, only to discover much later that a public adjuster or attorney could have secured a better result.

Some claimants may believe that they can save money by doing their own repair work. Ultimately, this is a very bad idea for anyone who does not have experience performing complex restoration projects or general construction. While an insurance company may approve your request to perform your own repairs, it is very unlikely that doing so will save you money. In fact, it’s more likely that attempting to do your own repairs would be more expensive than hiring a contractor.

It is always wise to hire a public adjuster or attorney to handle your insurance concerns. The average person is very likely to overlook crucial details, fail to uncover necessary documentation, or miss important filing deadlines. Instead of risking undervaluation or denial of your claim, have a professional review your property insurance claim and let you know how he or she can help you maximize the amount of recovery you receive.