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North Carolina Disability Insurance Claim Denial Lawyers

Charlotte Bad Faith Disability Insurance Attorneys

Your purchase of private disability insurance was probably a carefully considered, substantial investment intended to protect your future income and family security. Although no one likes to think about the possibility of a career-ending illness or injury, disability insurance coverage makes great sense for many people in a wide range of professions.

Having your valid disability insurance claim denied can feel like a tremendous injustice as well as a devastating financial setback. This is not an outcome you should just accept. At Surrano Law Offices, based in Phoenix, Arizona, our attorneys evaluate potential insurance bad faith cases and take action to reverse the impact of wrongful claim denials nationwide. Please call or e-mail us today to discuss your insurance dispute and legal options.

In-Depth Knowledge of Insurance Companies, Policies and Strategies

Our lawyers have decades of experience dealing with the insurance industry, yielding a strong understanding of policy language, exclusions, the claims evaluation process and strategies used to deny claims. Our knowledge extends to the two major types of private, permanent and long-term disability insurance: “own-occupation” policies and “any-occupation” policies.

Our approach to your disability insurance claim denial may include:

Dedicated to Exposing and Reversing Wrongful Claim Denials

Your insurance company may have actively sought ways to reject your claim rather than evaluating it fairly. Whatever their explanation for the denial, we can investigate and determine whether you have legal recourse.

Whether you reside in an area near Asheville, Charlotte, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Raleigh, Winston-Salem or Wilmington, we encourage you to contact us. Our respected firm is prepared to handle your case in collaboration with a North Carolina disability insurance claim denial attorney we respect — or another local lawyer you trust.