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New Mexico Disability Insurance Claim Denial Lawyers

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If your career has been cut short due to a disabling illness or injury, you may have initially felt very fortunate to have purchased disability insurance for protection of your future income. However, if you are now dealing with a denied claim, your stress level may be incredibly high and you may feel outraged about this injustice.

Our Phoenix, Arizona-based attorneys are exclusively focused on exposing insurance bad faith and delivering the financial benefits our clients deserve. We are exceptionally well prepared to investigate why your valid disability insurance claim was denied and take appropriate legal action in New Mexico or elsewhere. The first step is to contact us now.

In-Depth Knowledge of Insurance Types and Reasons for Claim Denial

Veteran lawyers Charles Surrano and John Wilborn have the experience and skill to evaluate a claim denial involving either major type of disability policy:

In many situations, a disability insurance claim has tremendous monetary value for the insured and requires a large payout by the insurance company. Consequently, intensely profit-driven disability insurers sometimes employ illegal, unscrupulous strategies for denying such claims.

For example, the company may have attempted to redefine your coverage or claim you did not provide accurate information when you applied. They may even deny that your permanent or long-term disability is real, or that it is serious enough to prevent you from working. Our lawyers know how to attack these unjust claims and get results for our clients.

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The best New Mexico disability insurance claim denial attorney for you may not be based within New Mexico’s borders. Our Phoenix, Arizona, firm has helped obtain positive results for victims of insurance bad faith in many other states — working as co-counsel with accomplished local lawyers. For the information you need to make sound decisions about taking legal action, please call or e-mail our Arizona and nationwide law firm today.