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Nevada Disability Insurance Claim Denial Lawyers

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Private disability insurance is usually quite costly for the policyholder, but considered well worth it for the peace of mind it provides. People in many high-paying and high-risk professions elect to purchase “own-occupation” or “any-occupation” disability insurance that promises to provide continued income if an illness or injury ends their ability to work.

If your disability insurance claim has been denied, please contact our attorneys today to explore your legal options. As insurance bad faith lawyers, we focus on holding these companies accountable for what they owe under the law, enabling our valued clients to get the money they need and deserve.

Investigating Your Case and Considering All Angles of Legal Recourse

For the companies that offer it, disability insurance coverage can be a lucrative product — but valid claims often have high value. Unfortunately, many insurers are more focused on finding ways to deny claims than on living up to their obligations under insurance law and the doctrine of good faith and fair dealing.

In some disability insurance claim denial situations, we discover honest mistakes and are able to achieve resolution without filing suit. In others, we find evidence of intentional acts of insurance bad faith, including:

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Our lawyers bring decades of legal and industry experience to each disability insurance bad faith case we handle — whether in our home state of Arizona or as co-counsel with a Nevada disability insurance claim denial attorney. Our Phoenix-based firm’s track record in insurance litigation can be a tremendous asset for you whether your case originates in Reno, Las Vegas, Henderson, Spring Valley, Paradise, Sunrise Manor or elsewhere.

It is critical not to simply accept an initial claim denial from your disability insurer. Instead, consult an experienced lawyer whose focus is on taking decisive action for victims of insurance bad faith.