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Arizona is a liability state, which means that no-fault car insurance is unavailable to the state’s drivers. Few people know that their coverage includes representation by a defense lawyer when they are at fault in an accident. Insurance companies are obligated to provide a defense to their insured without cost, sometimes they do not, without having good reason. That can be bad faith. This is just one common example of insurance bad faith on the part of automobile insurance carriers.

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At Surrano Law Offices in Phoenix, our attorneys help drivers whose insurance carrier failed to provide them with the benefits promised in their policies. If your insurance company has delayed payment, not represented your interests, or denied your auto accident claim, you may have an insurance bad faith claim. Contact a lawyer to learn about your options and rights. Call us at 602.264.1077. We have been handling bad faith insurance claims for more than 25 years. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Lowball Offers

In addition to failing to provide a defense lawyer for insureds after an accident, auto accident insurance companies are known for delaying damage payments under collision coverage. They may not investigate the accident quickly. Even if they do, they seldom offer fair market value for the totaled vehicle. They are causing you financial harm, and not living up to good faith requirements of the insurance contract.

Delay in Handling Uninsured Motorist Claims

Underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage is an add-on to your own automobile liability insurance. These benefits pay for your injuries and damages when you are in an accident with someone without insurance or without enough insurance to cover your claim. Insurance carriers are known to delay payment of claims when you need the benefit most to cover your medical costs and fix your car.

Failure to Settle

Another example of insurance bad faith by car insurance companies is the all-too-frequent situation involving a claim against the insured after an accident in which he or she was at fault. The insurance company may fail to try to settle the claim with the third party, with a resulting judgment that exceeds the policy limits.

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If you been in an accident and have experienced insurance company behaviors like these, do not rely on your insurance carrier to help you — it will probably not happen. Contact a lawyer who is willing to work for you to resolve your insurance problems after an auto accident claim.

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