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Bad Faith in Property Insurance Claims

Property owners pay big premiums annually to protect their property from damage and loss. It is only natural to expect the insurance company to be there when they are needed. But, sometimes, insurance companies delay payments, deny claims and attempt to underpay valid claims. A property insurance bad faith attorney has the experience to deal with the insurance company and will seek maximum compensation for their clients.

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  • Bad faith insurance claims are all we do. Our exclusive focus, resources, and experience can be applied to your case so that you receive the greatest compensation possible.
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Damages Available for Property Insurance Bad Faith Claims

If your insurance company has acted in bad faith, there are three types of damages that you can seek. They are as follows:

  • Contract damages
  • Extra-contractual damages
  • Punitive damages

Your property insurance bad faith attorney knows how to guide you through each one so that you receive the full benefits possible.

Contract Damages

These are the most simple to estimate. When a property owner’s claim is denied, delayed, or in some way impacted because of their insurance company practicing in bad faith, the value of the claim is owed in damages, usually with the addition of interest on the claim amount.

When a small business owner’s roof is damaged because of a storm, if the insurance company fails to pay for repairs, it is acting in bad faith. Contract damages obligate the insurance company to pay for repair or replacement of the roof with the additional interest on the amount they should have originally paid.

Extracontractual Damages

Because of insurance denials and delays, other damages occur. Some are outside of the scope of the actual policy. Extracontractual damages can be economic or non-economic. Your Surrano Law Offices attorney will help you calculate what you could be entitled to because of your insurance company’s bad faith actions.

An example of extracontractual damages is when the same small business owner loses business because they can no longer conduct business or hold their inventory in their store because of the damaged roof.

The stress of the loss of income might leave him depressed and anxiety-ridden. His familial relationships might suffer as well. The property owner might be entitled to monetary damages for the economic loss of business and non-economic losses that are sustained because of the bad faith practices, such as damaged relationships and impaired mental health.

Punitive Damages

If an insurance company behaves in bad faith, punitive damages punish the insurance company for behaving maliciously, committing fraud against their client, and acting oppressively. These are not always awarded, but if you are entitled to them, our team will include them when fighting for your best interest.

How Much Does a Property Insurance Bad Faith Attorney Cost?

Surrano Law Offices is ready to work for you. It will cost nothing out of your pocket, we work on a contingency basis, meaning we are only paid if you are. This motivates us to deliver the best possible resolution for our clients.

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