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Florida Disability Insurance Claim Denial Lawyers

Miami Bad Faith Disability Insurance Attorneys

People in a wide range of professions and occupations decide to invest in private disability insurance. Although the cost is often substantial, having the assurance of continued income if you become disabled from a high-paying or high-risk job may be well worth the cost for you and your family.

Unfortunately, intensely profit-driven insurance companies actively pursue strategies for denying valid claims and minimizing any payment. If your disability claim has been denied for reasons you do not believe are valid or simply cannot understand, please contact the attorneys of Surrano Law Offices for a consultation on your legal rights and options.

A Track Record of Success for Victims of Insurance Bad Faith

You may be a victim of insurance bad faith if you have been denied coverage and benefits, whether the policy you purchased was written to cover:

Our Phoenix, Arizona law firm, led by a respected veteran of the insurance industry who travels nationwide to work on cases across the United States, has delivered positive outcomes for numerous victims of disability insurance bad faith. In fact, among many sizable settlements, we obtained one of the largest recoveries ever in Arizona for a dentist who became disabled but had his claim wrongfully denied.

Turn to Experienced Lawyers Focused on Insurance Investigations and Litigation

Our attorneys are familiar with a wide spectrum of insurance industry tactics for denying high-value disability claims, including rewriting occupation parameters, alleging fraud and claiming that a serious condition is not permanently disabling. We are equipped to investigate your situation and determine whether errors or insurance bad faith are at the root of your claim denial.

Please contact our law firm to discuss your claim denial. If you have a valid, substantial case — wherever you reside in Florida from Tallahassee or Jacksonville, to Gainesville or Tampa, Fort Lauderdale or Orlando — we can work as co-counsel with a local Florida disability insurance claim denial attorney as needed to target justice and favorable resolution for you.