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Farmers Bad Faith Insurance Claims 

Farmers Insurance Group and all other insurance companies in Arizona are tasked with and contracted to handle and process all insurance claims that come through their business appropriately. Their clients and third parties should be confident that Farmers Insurance Group will act in good faith and conduct transactions fairly. It should be commonly expected that Farmers Insurance Group will do their clients no harm because of intentionally deceiving them or behaving inappropriately.

Arizonians who Farmers Insurance Group has victimized after filing an automobile claim with the insurance agency should promptly speak to an attorney with Surrano Law Offices for advice on how you should proceed. You could be eligible to pursue damages against the insurance group.

What it Means When Farmers Acts in Bad Faith

You pay Farmers Insurance Group exorbitant monthly premiums for the peace of mind insurance brings. It pays for injuries and property damage on your behalf if you are in an accident. This policy allows you to move through life knowing that if something ever happens, you have a safety net.

When Farmers refuse to properly pay your claim or defend you from the claims of others, it is a case of bad faith insurance practices. It is essential to understand what Farmers owe their policyholders and how that can be violated.

What Policyholders Can Expect from Farmers Insurance Group

Some of the duties that Farmers is expected to fulfill to its Arizona policyholders are listed below. If they neglect to carry out these duties, they will be considered acting in bad faith. These duties include the following:

  • Farmers owes its clients a duty to investigate. If the company fails to properly investigate a claim and submit a valuation, they have not fulfilled the duty to investigate. If there are unreasonable delays, this may also be considered bad faith.
  • If Farmers does not pay a settlement agreement or neglects to send the required funds after a judgment is entered against one of its policyholders up to their coverage limits, they may be acting in bad faith. They have neglected their duty to indemnify.
  • Farmers has a duty to defend their Arizona policyholders against claims. By refusing to do this, they may be acting in bad faith.
  • Finally, they have a duty to settle reasonably. By refusing to do so, they are in breach of this duty.

Things to Know When Farmers Acts in Bad Faith

When your insurer acts in bad faith, it can negatively impact your life. Because they are in the wrong and are not providing you with the services you contracted with them to provide, you can sue them for their misconduct.

Suppose you believe your insurance company behaved in opposition to the ways that other insurance companies would have in the same circumstances and that the necessary actions they would have performed would have led to a more positive outcome. In that case, you must speak to an attorney first and foremost.

Noted below are some questions to consider if you believe your insurance is behaving or has behaved in bad faith:

  • Did Farmers intentionally misrepresent the facts?
  • Did the Farmers Insurance Group use the language vague or obscure?
  • Did the insurance company misinterpret your policy?
  • Did Farmers demand that you provide excessive evidence?
  • Did they choose not to investigate a claim thoroughly?
  • Has Farmers delayed a claim without a valid reason?
  • Has Farmers tried to intimidate you? Or have they behaved threateningly?
  • Do you believe that Farmers has refused to offer what would be a reasonable settlement?
  • Is Farmers denying a claim without providing a reasonable cause?

Statute of Limitations

You have two years to file a bad faith insurance claim if you live in the state of Arizona. Claims must be initiated two years from the date Farmers acted in bad faith. Though, if you did not find out they were behaving in bad faith until later, you could have from the date you discovered this.

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