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Does Health Insurance Cover Coronavirus?

The novel coronavirus, also referred to as COVID-19, has taken close to 100,000 lives in the US as of mid-May, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It has put over one million people in the hospital. Aside from health-related fears, many patients also worry about how to afford the costs of virus-related health care. Dealing with health insurance companies for COVID-19 related medical care coverage can, unfortunately, be difficult for patients. If you are struggling with a health insurance claim, an insurance lawyer can offer assistance.

What Is Similar Coverage for Other Illnesses?

The good news for patients is that the vast majority of health insurance companies are offering coverage for the coronavirus as they would for similar illnesses, including the flu and pneumonia. This means insurance companies will cover patients’ damages up to the policy’s limits as though the COVID-19 patient had a different type of covered illness. If the patient’s standard policy comes with copayments and deductibles for illness-related services, the patient may expect to pay the same fees for COVID-19 care. The usual coverage and fees may change, however, based on unique rules set in motion only for the coronavirus.

What Is Unique About the Coronavirus Situation?

Federal regulations may mean your health insurance company does not treat COVID-19 coverage exactly the same as other illnesses. The designation of the coronavirus situation as a national emergency has led to some legislative changes. The Trump administration and many state governments have issued emergency orders that alter the way health insurance companies handle coronavirus-related claims.

In New York and Washington, for example, emergency orders have forced health insurance companies mandated by the state to waive copayments and deductibles for patients who require COVID-19 testing. A short supply of tests and lack of availability in many regions, however, has led to many patients being unable to test for the coronavirus despite not having to pay for them, often resulting in delayed treatments.

Pay Attention to Your Plan Details

The more you know about your health insurance coverage, including details and changes associated with the coronavirus, the better. You can improve your ability to negotiate with an insurance claims adjuster if you thoroughly understand your policy. Take your health insurance policy to an attorney if you need assistance understanding the legal jargon or how the terms of your policy might impact your coronavirus insurance claim. Even the smallest detail on your specific plan could lead to an insurer denying benefits. A lawyer can help you handle claims denials through tailored legal services.

Deductibles, Copays and Out-of-Network Costs

As a patient, reading your policy can also help you understand what you will have to pay ahead of time, before you receive medical care. America’s Health Insurance Plans has published a list of how different health insurance companies are responding to the coronavirus. While coverage varies from plan to plan, most health insurance companies have announced they are waiving copays for COVID-19 related treatments. Others are taking steps such as providing emergency funding for organizations that serve seniors, not charging for tests for eligible patients and increasing access to prescription drugs. Contact your insurance provider for specific information on your COVID-19 copays, deductibles and other costs.

When to Contact a Health Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

If your health insurance company is unfairly denying your claim for benefits, making it more difficult than it should be to obtain coverage, excessively delaying the resolution of your claim or otherwise acting in bad faith while handling your coronavirus claim, contact a Phoenix health insurance bad faith lawyer for a free legal consultation.

You are already dealing with stress and frustration from the coronavirus. Do not let a health insurance company take advantage of you on top of your current struggles. You have the right to take a stand against insurance bad faith in Arizona. Many attorneys are offering virtual meetings and processing claims electronically for client safety. Work with an attorney for assistance with your coronavirus/COVID-19 health insurance claim.