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Many private disability income insurance policies provide benefits for both total and residual (partial) disabilities. With an “own” occupation policy, total disability is usually defined as the inability to perform the substantial and material duties of your occupation. Residual disability is often defined as the inability to perform one or more duties of your regular occupation, or the inability to perform these duties for as much time as before. When sickness or injury causes your income to drop below a certain level, residual benefits are designed to make up a portion of the difference.

The language used in disability income policies to define total disability and residual disability is often intentionally ambiguous; this way, non-attorney policyholders will rely on the insurer’s interpretation of the policy in determining the benefits to which they are entitled. For example, many policyholders automatically assume that if they are able to work at all, they are only entitled to residual (or partial) benefits. On the contrary, many policyholders are unaware that they may satisfy the definition of total disability, entitling them to full — rather than partial — benefit payout, even though they can still perform some duties of their regular profession or occupation.

Insurance companies frequently underpay, delay and deny legitimate total disability claims by convincing policyholders that their disabling conditions only meet the definition of residual (partial) disability. With the experienced representation of Surrano Law Offices, your insurer will not be able to confuse or mislead you into accepting anything less than what your premiums paid for. Our trusted attorneys have more than 25 years of experience successfully pursuing full and fair compensation on behalf of disability income policyholders whose valid claims have been stonewalled by insurers concerned about protecting their bottom line.

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