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Disability-Own Occupation

Disability Insurance for a Specific Occupation in Arizona

Private disability insurance can be expensive. For many people, however, the expense is worth the peace of mind it offers. It provides benefits in the event the insured is unable to work because of a disability caused by injury or illness. There are two basic forms of disability insurance, which is also called income continuation insurance. “Any occupation” insurance covers people when they cannot work at all. “Own occupation” insurance covers people unable to work in their chosen profession.

Contact an attorney if you have been denied disability benefits

When disabled workers file claims for benefits under either type of policy and the claim is denied, the peace of mind they thought they had purchased is gone. It is important to not accept an initial decision by the insurance carrier. There may be legitimate reasons for the denial or mistakes that can be corrected. However, the denial may also be the result of insurance bad faith. Distinguishing between the two often requires the knowledge and insight of a lawyer with significant experience in the insurance industry. If you have been denied disability benefits, contact Surrano Law Offices in the Phoenix area to learn if you have a bad faith claim. Call 602.264.1077.

We know the arguments used by insurance companies to deny own occupation claims

Our senior attorney is a well-regarded speaker and author on own occupation disability claims. He knows the strategies that insurers use to avoid payment of these types of disability claims. A common ploy is to rewrite the definition of the insured’s occupation. For example, the company may say that even though a neurosurgeon can no longer operate, he or she can still be a doctor. They may also claim that the injury or illness is only short term, rather than resulting in permanent disability. They may say that the insured is not disabled at all. When they use these arguments to deny benefits or justify partial benefits, insurance companies may be operating in bad faith.

How we help with denied disability claims

It is important to have a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the insurance industry investigate denials of own occupation permanent disability claims. Our attorneys examine the policy language carefully to see whether the denial matches the policy terms. We review insurance company documents and investigate claim practices and procedures. We determine whether the insurer has actually seen all the relevant materials. We use the discovery process to construct a document-rich case on behalf of clients whose own occupation disability claim was denied. Contact our law office to learn how we can help you after a claim under your own occupation disability policy was denied.

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