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Disability Insurance Claim Denials

Arizona Disability Insurance Claim Denial Lawyers

Although private disability insurance policies are often costly, many people in a range of professions and occupations purchase them and pay premiums faithfully for peace of mind and income protection. When a covered individual becomes legitimately disabled by injury or illness, all too often the insurer finds a way to deny the claim — intentionally depriving that person of benefits he or she thought were guaranteed.

Why Choose Our Law Firm?

At Surrano Law Offices, we have decades of experience handling complex disability insurance claims on behalf of clients. We know exactly how insurance companies work, and how to fight back against common delay-and-deny bad faith practices. Our lawyers have everything you need for a strong case and peace of mind.

  • Our law firm exclusively handles insurance bad faith claims. Bad faith is all we do. This gives an intimate understanding of this practice area, along with specialized resources.
  • Our principal attorney, Charles Surrano, spent years on the inside of the insurance industry. He knows first-hand the tactics disability insurers use to avoid payout.
  • Our firm has the resources to fight back against rich and powerful insurance corporations. You can level the playing field with representation from our attorneys.
  • Our firm has a record that speaks for itself. We have years of positive results and glowing testimonials from past clients thanking us for changing their lives.

You do not have to deal with a disability insurance claim denial alone. The lawyers at Surrano Law Offices can help you work through your claim and fight for fair financial benefits using proven negotiation strategies. We offer our services throughout Arizona and, in some cases, California, Nevada, and Kentucky. Optimize your chances of securing the benefits you need to move forward with our assistance.

Why Choose a Bad Faith Lawyer?

Disability insurance bad faith is a common problem that leaves claimants feeling trapped. They thought they could depend on their insurance providers for disability pay, only to find out the insurer is denying the claim or unfairly delaying payment. A bad faith lawyer can put your claim in a more powerful position. Hiring a lawyer will force the insurance company to take your claim seriously and handle it more fairly. A bad faith lawyer from Surrano Law Offices can work through the complexities of your unique case after an insurance company denies or delays your claim.

An attorney will know precisely how to communicate with insurance company claims adjusters to achieve the best possible outcome. Rather than you negotiating with the insurer alone, your lawyer will take care of things for you. Pursuing a bad faith legal action is a major undertaking. It will take patience and persistence. When you hire an attorney to take care of your case, you can often expedite the process, with the potential for a better outcome. A lawyer can increase the likelihood of your bad faith claim success.

Some of the actions your lawyer can take on your behalf include: evaluating your case, sending demand letters to the insurance company, negotiating settlements with claims adjusters, helping you meet important requirements or deadlines, documenting your disabilities, and even taking the insurance company to court, if necessary, for a fair outcome. Your lawyer will not let an insurance provider take advantage of you. Your attorney will take care of confusing paperwork and time-consuming claim processes on your behalf, while you focus on rehabilitation or spending time with family.

How Much Does a Bad Faith Lawyer Cost?

Most bad faith lawyers – including Surrano Law Offices – work on a contingency fee basis. This is an option in which you will not have to pay for your legal services unless your attorney obtains a settlement or jury verdict in your favor. If your lawyer wins the case, he or she will deduct legal fees and costs advanced directly from the compensation award, rather than billing you. You do not need to worry about the cost of an attorney at Surrano Law Offices. We understand that you are likely already in a financial predicament without the pay you need from disability insurance. We are here to help, not make matters worse. Schedule a free consultation today.

A Record of Effective Representation for Disabled Professionals and Workers

Disability insurance claim denials are a key focus area for our Arizona attorneys, because the stakes are typically very high and violations of insurance bad faith law are unfortunately common. In fact, our track record includes obtaining one of the largest settlements ever for a dentist victimized by a wrongful disability insurance claim denial. We handle investigations and litigation involving:

  • Own occupation” disability insurance — purchased to provide continued income if a person, typically a highly compensated professional, is disabled and cannot continue in the specific field of medicine, for example, or athletics
  • Any occupation” disability insurance — applicable when the covered individual is injured or becomes ill and rendered unable to work any job

Availability to Contest Wrongful Claim Denials in Arizona and Other States

We are prepared to evaluate your long-term disability insurance claim denial or similar dispute in Arizona, and in some matters,  California, Nevada, and Kentucky. Our firm has become a trusted resource for people with denied claims.

Speak With an Arizona Insurance Claim Lawyer

Whichever specific disability insurance company you feel is failing to honor its obligation, please turn to us for comprehensive legal counsel beginning with a careful analysis of your claim denial letter and in-depth discussion of what happened to you. Call our law firm today to speak with our attorney about your case.