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Disability Income Claims For Lawyers

Private Disability Income Claims For Lawyers

A career-ending disability can be a traumatic turn of events for attorneys who have invested years of hard work and thousands of dollars into studying, developing and mastering their legal skills. The stress of coping with a serious illness or injury is compounded by the fact that an unfair disability claim denial could destroy the financial security that you have spent your life building.

At Surrano Law Offices, we can help you fight to obtain the disability benefits to which you are entitled. We have more than 25 years of experience and an outstanding reputation for winning fair compensation on behalf of attorneys, doctors, architects and other professionals whose disability income claims have been wrongfully denied, delayed or mishandled by insurance companies. We consistently work to uphold this reputation and aggressively pursue cases on behalf of our disabled clients.

Pursuing Justice And Fair Compensation On Behalf Of Attorney Policyholders

Many disabling conditions directly impact the physical and mental faculties that are necessary to function as a lawyer. For example, a traumatic brain injury will almost certainly impair your ability to reason, comprehend or think logically. A severe psychiatric condition such as clinical depression or severe anxiety may interfere with your ability to concentrate and make decisions.

Due to the significant cost of providing income replacement benefits to attorneys, many insurance companies use complex strategies designed to deny and stonewall these claims. They may dispute whether your condition satisfies the definition of disability contained in your policy. They may cite obscure or hidden exclusions in the policy to justify a denial. They may make redundant and/or unreasonable investigative demands designed to delay the processing of your claim.

The lawyers at Surrano Law Offices have considerable experience countering all the denial and delay tactics used by insurance companies to avoid benefit payouts on private disability income claims for lawyers. We will work intelligently and tirelessly to get you the benefits you deserve.

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