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Disability-Any Occupation

Disability Insurance for Any Occupation in Arizona

When a sick or disabled worker files a claim for benefits under a private disability policy and the claim is denied, he or she may not know where to turn. Employees often just accept the determination of the insurance company that they are not eligible for benefits.

Do not accept a disability claim denial without investigating

It is important to make sure that the decision by the company to deny benefits was correct. You paid premiums for this insurance for many years assuming that it would provide disabled worker protection. Many insurance companies automatically deny some initial disability claims, hoping that the insured will not pursue the matter. Now that you need the benefits, make sure the denial was based on correct information and a fair understanding of the policy terms. At the office of Surrano Law Offices, our attorneys help workers whose insurance carrier denied their disability claims. If you have received a letter of denial, contact us at 602.264.1077 to learn how we may be able to help you.

We know the strategies used to deny disabled workers’ claims

Our senior attorney is a well-known speaker and author on disability insurance claim denial. His knowledge and experience helps disabled workers whose claims have been denied. Because of our involvement in this field, our lawyers have heard all the excuses used by insurance companies to deny benefits. Some insurance companies claim that the illness or injury causing the disability was not a covered benefit. Others insist that the insured is actually able to work. Still others retroactively cancel the insurance policy, claiming fraud or failure to disclose information. All of these tactics may constitute insurance bad faith.

Private and employer-paid disability denial lawsuits

Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of the insurance companies that are writing disability policies today. We are aware of the different strategies each uses to deny claims. Let us put that knowledge to work for you if you were unfairly denied benefits. Contact our law office in the Phoenix area, to learn about your options and your rights. We file insurance denial lawsuits for disabled employees who have purchased private disability insurance as well as for those with an employer-paid disability policy under ERISA.

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