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Arizona Disability Insurance Claim Denials

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Though private disability insurance may be costly, in many cases it is necessary for individuals to have in order to ensure continued income if an accident or incident occurs that may leave you disabled and unable to work. However, the insurers who provide these policies often bury minor details in the fine print that not everyone reads. This can result in individuals signing up for policies they do not fully understand and may lead to claim denials.

At Surrano Law Offices in the Phoenix area, we are dedicated to handling all types of disability insurance claim denial issues for clients across the state. Our firm is nationally recognized and respected as one of the leaders in bad faith matters. We constantly work to uphold this reputation and aggressively pursue cases on behalf of our disabled clients who deserve their benefits.
If your Arizona disability claim has been denied, please contact Surrano Law Offices for a consultation on your legal rights and options.

Appealing Your Denial

You are within your rights to file an appeal after a denial of your disability claim. The process of an appeal depends on the type of disability insurance.

  • Private disability insurance

Private disability insurance claim denials are unique because some insurance companies require you to make several claims before appealing, while others let you appeal after the initial claim. An attorney will know the difference in filing private disability insurance claims.

Though it may seem that insurance companies are available to help you, they are focused on their profits. Minimizing claim payments allows them to increase profits. We handle all types of disability insurance denials, including those involving:

  • Own-occupation disability insurance: Permanent or long-term disability insurance coverage for individuals from their own specific profession or pursuit; and
  • Any-occupation disability insurance: Permanent or long-term disability from performing any work at all, typically due to a catastrophic injury, major illness or chronic disabling condition.

Reasons for Appeals Denial

Out of the millions of individuals who apply for disability, only 30% of initial requests gain approval. Reasons for denial can vary, but some causes are very common.

  1. Lack of hard medical evidence

The first thing you need when filing your disability claim is medical evidence. Medical evidence is the only thing that can prove you have a disability. Specifically, your medical evidence must show that it interfered with your ability to perform at work.

  1. Previous denials

A new appeal does not mean a clean slate. Submitting a new claim is not always better than an appeal. The people who review your claim will be able to see your previous denials and take this into consideration when making each new decision. The typical recommendation is to go through the appeals claim instead of filing a new claim after each denial.

  1. Failure to follow treatment

Your doctor will prescribe a specific treatment based on your disability. Your disability claim will meet denial if you fail to complete this treatment. This is because without following the treatment, the examiner will not be able to tell how and if your condition truly prevents you from working. You may bring up a valid claim if you are not following your treatment for a specific reason.

  1. Failure to cooperate

The individuals handling your disability claim may or may not be the most helpful, but it is important to cooperate with them as best as you can. Failing to provide documentation or show up to medical exams almost guarantees the denial of your claim.

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