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California Disability Insurance Claim Denial Lawyers

Los Angeles Bad Faith Disability Insurance Attorneys

If an injury or illness has recently rendered you unable to continue in your chosen profession — or unable to work at all — you may have taken comfort in your prior decision to purchase private disability insurance. However, you may then have been shocked and confused by the insurance company’s decision to deny your claim.

Please do not give up before you speak to a knowledgeable attorney. A significant percentage of disability insurance claim denials can be successfully challenged under laws prohibiting insurance bad faith. This important area of law is the focus of our Phoenix, Arizona-based firm.

Targeting Fair Resolution of Disputes Over Disability Insurance Claims

We are familiar with both major types of disability insurance — sometimes called income continuation insurance:

Either type of coverage and benefits may be denied by an insurance company for reasons that may not be lawful or valid, such as:

Proven Advocates for Victims of Unfair Claim Denials

Rather than focusing on balanced investigation and fair valuation of your claim, chances are your company actively sought ways to reject it, argue you were not covered or minimize the amount it must pay.
Our track record includes obtaining one of the largest disability insurance bad faith awards ever in the state of Arizona. Even if a local California disability insurance claim denial attorney has decided not to take your case, we encourage you to contact us at Surrano Law Offices. Our attorneys will welcome your call from Northern, Central or Southern California, including San Diego, Orange County or the Long Beach area.