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Insurance policies offer protection from the financial responsibilities that come along when an accident takes place. Policyholders pay premiums so that when they need the insurance that it is there to cover their damages. These premiums provide us with the security that if the benefits are needed that they are there and can be administered promptly and with fairness.

Sadly, United Services Automobile Association (USAA) Insurance does not always act in good faith.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

If your insurance claim has been delayed or denied, you may be dealing with a case of bad-faith insurance. There are some distinctions between bad faith insurance claims and how insurance companies try to dodge paying for claims or pay a reduced amount. If you are a USAA policyholder and feel they are behaving unfairly, you may need to contact a bad faith insurance claims attorney in Arizona to aid you in filing a bad faith insurance claim.

Illustrations of Bad Faith

Speak to an attorney with Surrano Law Offices about your claim. We will review your case and determine whether USAA acted suspiciously. Suppose they behaved intentionally negligently or purposefully underestimated the damages in a way that obviously meant they were behaving in ad faith.

In that case, we will help you navigate the process of proving they acted in bad faith. It is entirely possible that USAA was coming close to behaving improperly in bad faith without ever doing it completely. The team with Surrano Law Offices can determine the difference for you.

Preventing USAA From Acting in Bad Faith

USAA might be acting in bad faith if your insurance policy does not provide when you are in a time of need. You might be facing an economic disaster because of damages to your home, car, or health that you cannot afford to repair or treat. To prevent USAA from behaving in bad faith, in addition to working with a bad-faith insurance claim attorney, you will want to do the following:

Seek Legal Advice Today

If USAA has behaved unfairly and you or a loved one has been denied a claim, or there have been untimely delays, contact Surrano Law Offices so that we can help guide you through the challenging legal process.